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Unleash Your Inner Author: Frequently Asked Questions

I have a captivating story; how do I make my dream of being published come true?

Embarking on a publishing journey with Trinity Global Press is simpler than you might think. Craft your incredible tale between 1,000 to 3,000 words and let us transform it into a standout chapter in our ongoing multi-author book series. Your investment of $397 not only ensures publication but also includes a top-tier marketing campaign. This strategic promotion guarantees your work is showcased to its fullest potential, skyrocketing your chances of becoming a best-selling author!

I've heard authors usually get paid for their work. Why does your process involve authors paying to get published?

It's indeed true that established authors often receive an upfront payment for their work. However, it's crucial to understand that publishing is a significant venture involving various complex processes beyond just printing words on a page. These include meticulous proofreading, artistic book cover designing, professional layout formatting, expert marketing and PR campaigns, and much more.

At Trinity Global Press, our mission is to magnify fresh voices that may not have had a chance in the traditional publishing landscape. Your contribution aids in shouldering the costs of these necessary processes, allowing us to focus on making your dream of becoming a published author come true!

The value of your story reaching readers across the globe, potentially impacting lives, is immeasurable. By investing in your journey as an author, you're not only opening doors to international recognition but also helping Trinity Global Press continue its mission of bringing captivating stories to light. It's a partnership in the truest sense – and we're excited to embark on this adventure together!

Can I make payment in installments?

Absolutely! We understand that a one-time payment may not suit everyone's financial situation. Hence, we have crafted an installment plan to help you manage your payments comfortably. In this plan, we slightly adjust the total cost to $472 to accommodate the administrative overheads. You can kick-start your journey by paying 50% upfront, with the remainder due by the author submission deadline. This allows you to balance your budget effectively while making your publishing aspirations come true!

What do I receive for my $397 investment?

Your $397 is more than a publishing fee; it's a gateway to a world of opportunities:

  • A chapter dedicated to your story in our multi-author book, accessible globally on Amazon in Kindle and paperback form.
  • A highly targeted marketing and PR campaign to optimize sales during the critical launch period.
  • A realistic chance to become an International Best-Selling Author, a feat we have achieved multiple times!
  • The privilege to purchase physical copies at wholesale prices for your loved ones or local community.
  • Customized book cover design and interior formatting.
  • Inclusion of your author bio in the book.
  • Display of your photo (headshot) on the back cover of selected projects.
  • Guidelines to set up your unique Amazon Author Page.
  • U.S. Copyright.
  • Press Releases delivered to high-profile publications like The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and The Washington Post.

Additionally, we offer optional premium services like professional in-house editing, writing coaches, and personalized author websites for a supplementary fee.

What's the ideal word count for my story?

To craft a compelling tale, aim for a word count between 1,000 and 3,000. If your narrative is outside these limits, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We will gladly discuss how we can accommodate your unique storytelling needs.

What are the guidelines for my author biography?

To maintain consistency and fairness, we limit author bios to 400 words. This length is just right to offer readers a glimpse into your world without overshadowing the story you're sharing. Please note that bios should be written in the third person, for example, “John Doe lives in Texas with his family of four...”

What's the deadline for my story and author biography submission?

Our publication timelines vary from project to project.

Could I see a sample of a story and author biography?

Of course! We would be happy to provide samples to inspire you. Reach out to us, and we'll promptly send examples your way.

Is a headshot photo necessary?

For many of our projects, we do feature the author's photo on the book's back cover. To ensure quality and consistency, please provide a high-resolution image (minimum 300 dpi) in JPEG or PNG format. Ideal shots should be mid-range (including shoulders), set against a solid or muted background, professionally taken, and not full-body. Selfies are not suitable for this purpose.

May I buy books wholesale and sell for retail?
Absolutely! The cost structure for each project may vary, but generally, you can acquire copies at wholesale rates ranging from $7 to $9, in addition to shipping and handling charges. On the retail side, prices typically fall between $14.99 and $17.99, allowing you to earn approximately a 50% royalty on your own sales. It's important to keep in mind that wholesale orders necessitate a minimum purchase of 20 books.
Can I arrange my own book signing event?

Absolutely! We wholeheartedly support and encourage you to celebrate and promote your published work, be it in your community or church. Our mission is to spread the word of Jesus Christ far and wide - book signings are a fantastic way to do just that.

When will you publish the final book?

We aim to keep you updated throughout your publishing journey. Your Project Director will provide you with a projected release and launch date. Many of our books are released as quickly as the upcoming season!

Can you tell me more about the book launch process?

Sure! First off, you'll receive a PDF copy of the book for a sneak peek. We ask that you compose a book review, ready for posting on Amazon on the big launch day. We want to kick-start the book launch with as many valuable initial reviews as possible.

Next, on the actual launch day, you and your fellow authors will amplify the buzz by offering a free Kindle version of the book on your social media platforms and email lists, but only for 24 hours! This strategy helps boost the book in Amazon’s best-seller rankings. With enough reviews, you stand a real chance of becoming an internationally recognized best-selling author, while sharing your inspirational insights about Jesus Christ.

If this process seems a bit overwhelming, don't fret! We'll guide you through each step, providing clear instructions along the way.

I might need some assistance with editing. Can you help?

Of course! We offer comprehensive editing services. Our In-house Proofreading and Feedback Editor is available at $200 for up to 3,000 words. If you need more extensive support, our Premium Full Edits Editor provides structural edits, copy editing, thorough feedback, and proofreading at $300 for up to 3,000 words. You're also welcome to bring in an editor of your choice.

Will I receive royalties or commissions on the book sales as a published author?

We understand authors might anticipate earning royalties. However, it's important to know that multi-author books often see modest retail sales, and profits are not as high as one might imagine. Additionally, any profits need to be divided equally amongst all authors. Instead of disappointing authors with minor royalty shares, we decided to put those funds to good use. All royalties from book sales are donated to Compassion International Charity, our chosen cause. You can learn more about their wonderful work at

How does Trinity Global Press stay profitable if the book royalties are donated to charity?

We sustain ourselves through profits from wholesale book orders and any surplus remaining from author fees after covering our production and marketing costs. Our aim is to balance economic viability while supporting worthwhile causes.

Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes, we believe in clarity and mutual understanding, so all authors are required to sign a formal agreement outlining each party's responsibilities. We will send a sample contract for you to review, ensuring you're fully aware of all important points.

Will my story be reviewed before being accepted for publication?

Absolutely! We have an editorial panel who review each submission, ensuring that every piece aligns with our project and maintains our high quality standards.

What are some perks of participating in this project?

Above all, your participation means spreading the word of Jesus Christ through your unique narrative. Besides this significant contribution, this project is a cost-effective way to become a published author, as production costs are shared among all authors. You get to focus on what you love - writing, while we manage the rest!

Joining a book compilation is also an excellent way to establish or bolster your writing platform, create a lasting legacy for your loved ones, give something meaningful as gifts, or aid a church fundraiser.

Can I submit a previously published story?

Yes, you can. However, please acknowledge the original publication in your Author Biography.

Can I publish my story from this compilation elsewhere?

You certainly can! We only ask that you wait for six months from our launch date before republishing your work in other media outlets, blogs, or publications. You retain complete ownership of your work.

How do I incorporate scripture into my chapter, given the copyright status of different Bible versions?

The King James Version is in the public domain, so feel free to use scriptures from it. For other versions, we recommend visiting  Click on the Copyright tab for the Bible version you wish to use, and familiarize yourself with the guidelines. We'll ensure the total scripture usage is within legal limits.

What if I'm not confident about my writing skills or have never written a story before?

Don't worry! If you can tell a story, you can write one. There’s lots of support and guidance we can offer. For example, we can point you towards online tutorials to assist with writing, and we offer editorial services as needed. We even have an in-house writing coach ready to assist you. If you have a message to share, we have the means to help your story reach the world.

What limitations apply to the content of my story? For instance, can I share experiences of trauma or abuse?

While we encourage sharing authentic experiences, your content should avoid illegal, violent, sexually explicit, or defamatory elements that could harm any individual or entity. Changing certain details to protect identities is advisable. If your story involves sensitive subjects like abuse or trauma, we suggest you consult a legal expert. We also recommend obtaining written consent from anyone featured in your story. The publisher isn't liable for any legal issues arising from the author's work.

Can I include quotes or citations in my work?

Certainly, as long as you provide a verifiable reference to the original source.

Do I retain copyright over my work?

Yes, absolutely! While we publish your work, you remain the copyright holder of your story. This means you have the freedom to republish it elsewhere, subject to our six-month exclusivity period.

Can I collaborate with other authors on a single chapter?

We welcome collaborations! If you wish to co-author a story with another writer, simply let us know. Remember that the total word count must still fit within our 1,000-3,000 word limit.

What happens if my story isn't accepted?

If your story isn't accepted by our editorial board, we will provide you with feedback and suggestions on how to revise it for reconsideration. We aim to ensure that all authors have the opportunity to share their unique and inspiring stories.

How do you promote the book to give it the best chances of becoming a bestseller?

We undertake a robust, world-class marketing and PR campaign. This includes social media marketing, press releases to national publications, and email marketing, among others. On the launch day, we also offer a 24-hour free Kindle version download to boost visibility and rankings on Amazon.

Can I submit more than one story?

For each publication cycle, we typically accept one story per author to ensure a variety of voices and perspectives. However, we encourage authors to consider submitting a new story for our future multi-author book projects.

Can I include illustrations or photos in my chapter?

Right now, we're focused on letting your words paint the picture. This ensures a smooth and streamlined publishing journey for all our authors.

What support is available to me throughout the writing process?

We are here to support you every step of the way. Apart from our in-house editing and coaching services, we also provide guidelines for writing and formatting your story and author bio. Our team is always available to answer your questions via email.

How can I ensure that my story aligns with the overall theme of the book?

We provide all authors with a general theme or guidelines for each multi-author book project. This ensures that all stories harmonize with one another, creating a cohesive and powerful reading experience. If you need further clarity on the theme, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

For any further queries, do not hesitate to email us at