Who We Are

Welcome to Trinity Global Press, where words come alive, faith is celebrated, and stories inspire. We are a faith-based international publishing company based in the Greater Indianapolis Area.

Our mission is to empower faith-based authors and bring their stories to readers worldwide – uplifting and transforming lives through the power of written words.

At Trinity Global Press, we believe that every story has the potential to make a difference. Our team is passionate about discovering and publishing compelling stories that touch hearts, spark conversations, and inspire positive change.

We are experts in multi-author anthologies that showcase a variety of voices, viewpoints, and genres, reflecting the depth and diversity of the faith-based community.

As a faith-based publishing company, our faith serves as the cornerstone of our mission. We are dedicated to upholding biblical values and sharing stories that inspire faith, hope, and love.

Trinity Global Press is more than simply a publishing house; we are a group of like-minded people who are committed to using the written word to communicate God’s love and inspiration. We are devoted to giving our authors a supportive and empowering publishing experience, and we take pleasure in our dedication to excellence, ethics, and professionalism in all we do.


If so, simply email us at trinityglobalpress@gmail.com and request additional information. A member of our team will email you the following:

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Lisa Peplow is an internationally acclaimed author and Sr. Project Director for Trinity Global Press, LLC, a renowned publishing company based in the Greater Indianapolis Area. With a passion for literature and a keen eye for talent, Lisa has curated and published works from over 200 authors spanning various genres.

Her expertise in the industry has propelled many of these authors to best-seller status, solidifying Trinity Global Press as a trusted platform for emerging and established writers alike. Lisa’s dedication to nurturing faith-based authors is evident in the company’s commitment to publishing inspiring and impactful multi-author anthologies.

If you aspire to become a faith-based Published Author, Lisa Peplow invites you to connect with her and explore the exciting opportunities offered by Trinity Global Press. Feel free to reach out to her via email at trinityglobalpress@gmail.com to inquire about upcoming projects and determine if your work aligns with Trinity’s vision.

Join Lisa and Trinity Global Press on a journey of literary excellence, where your words have the power to inspire readers around the world.