Trinity Global Press

Multi-Author Agreement

Version 2.2 – June 06, 2023

This Agreement is a contract between Trinity Global Press, LLC, also known as “the Publisher/Us,” and the “Author/You” (which may refer to the Author themselves, their executor, or their heirs). You would like Us to include your submitted piece (the “Work”) in a book project with a tentative title of:  ______________________________________________.

By signing this contract, both parties agree to the following:

Your Work

You, as the Author, agree to send Us a piece of writing that is between 1,000 and 3,000 words. This will become a chapter in our current multi-author book project and it needs to meet all Guidelines (see below). Pieces shorter than 1,000 words or longer than 3,000 words may be considered, yet the final decision will be made by Us.

You agree to send a bio that is no longer than 400 words. It should also meet all guidelines.

If applicable to the project, please send a professional headshot of yourself to put on the back cover of the book. It must meet these requirements:

  • At least 300 DPI resolution
  • In JPEG or PNG format
  • Background should be solid or muted
  • Include your head and shoulders, but no more
  • No selfies
  • No full-body shots

If your photo does not meet these requirements, You might be asked to provide a new one.

Guidelines for Your Work

Your Work needs to adhere to these criteria:

  • Emailed to us in a single Microsoft Word document (.DOC or .DOCX file).
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12-point, single-spaced.
  • Include your name and the title of your Work.
  • Include Bible Scripture(s) and the version (KJV, NIV, NLT, etc).


You agree to pay a Publishing Fee to Us of ______ (or two payments of ______ if you are using a payment plan). When making this payment, please note that it is non-refundable under any circumstances. If You do not follow the publishing schedule or deliver your Work or other materials on time, we may end this contract without any penalty.

Delivery and Deadlines

You agree to send Us your Work, bio, and headshot (if applicable) by the date of ____________. If You do not send these items by the deadline, your Work may be excluded from the book and You will not receive a refund of the Publishing Fee.

We plan to publish the book on the date of ____________ or once we have reached the maximum quota of authors for the book. If the publication date needs to change, we will inform you.


Before You send Us your Work, You should have it edited. Your Work should use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Your writing should be accurate, clear, free of errors, inconsistencies, repetition, and ambiguity. You may hire your own editor or use our in-house editors for an additional fee. You will have a chance to review and approve your Work before it is published. You will receive one round of minor changes at no cost. More significant changes will cost $5 per 10 minutes of editing work. Any changes after the first round will cost $10 per 10 minutes of editing work. We reserve the right to do a final proofread and make minor edits before publishing.


We can use your name, image, bio, and Work to advertise or promote the book. We will decide when, where, and how to publish and promote the book.

Author Copies and Royalties

At your discretion, You may purchase copies of the book at a discounted wholesale rate plus shipping and handling. The minimum order quantity is twenty books. You may then sell these copies at the full retail price set by Us and you will keep all the profits.

You agree that You will not receive any royalties or commission from book sales. Any royalties from sales on platforms like Amazon will be donated to charity. This will continue for as long as the book is in print. The chosen charity is _____________________. More information is available at _________________________.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

We will not buy the rights to your Work. Once we publish it, You will regain all rights. You confirm that You are the sole owner of your Work and that it does not contain anything libelous, violate anyone’s civil rights, or infringe on any existing copyright. You are responsible for the content of your Work and will not hold us liable for any inaccuracies or copyright violations. You agree to cover any costs we might incur, including lawyer fees, if anyone sues us because of your Work.

We recommend that You obtain written permission if You write about any real, living people or organizations in your Work. We are not responsible for any legal issues if You do not obtain this permission.

Subsidiary Rights

You give us permission to:

  1. Reprint your Work or parts of it, make shortened versions, audio versions, or translations.
  2. Publish parts of your Work or shortened versions in any magazine, newspaper, or other publications, digitally or in print.
  3. Make recordings or photographic reproductions of all or part of the text.
  4. You also agree that we may use your Work in our future marketing materials.

Force Majeure

In the event of major unforeseen events (e.g., natural disasters, war, terrorism, labor disputes, government actions, disease outbreaks, serious illness), if fulfilling this Agreement becomes impractical or impossible due to such an event, the affected party is not liable. The party unable to fulfill their commitment must promptly inform the other party, explaining the situation’s impact. Both parties will strive for a fair solution that upholds this Agreement’s essence. If the situation exceeds 60 days, either party may terminate this Agreement by written notice.

Agreement Summary

This contract covers all the Agreements between both parties and supersedes any previous contracts, whether they were spoken or written.

This contract was signed on ____________ and follows the laws of the State of Indiana.

You agree to email a signed copy of this Agreement to Us as soon as possible after signing.

I agree to these terms:



Publisher Representative: